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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Public Exhibit: Art & Artists' Books by Margery Hellmann

There is No Frigate Like a Book: Art & Artists' Books by Margery Hellmann 

This exhibition features the lengthy career of Seattle artist Margery Hellmann as a marbler, collage artist, papermaker, printmaker and creator of letterpress printed artistsʼ books and broadsides.  Margery, known for her love of literature, quiet insight and many creative talents, was a founding member of the Book Arts Guild. The diversity of her work is amazing, spanning decades and culminating in her artistsʼ books begun in 1993. Margery worked tirelessly to create a melding of text and structure to complement and expand meaning.  Her work is held in collections around the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Britain. The UW Libraries contains the best single collection  of her work.
Special Collections Reading Room, Allen Library South Basement | through November 19

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