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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Northwest Historical Annual Reports Collection Goes Online

Corporate annual reports are a unique historical document that not only
chronicles the life of the company but changes in industrial and graphic
design and the evolution of the economic structure of a region. The
Northwest Historical Annual Reports Collection is a growing digital
collection of annual financial reports of companies currently or
historically based in the Pacific Northwest. The collection includes annual
reports dating from the 1930s and provides a continuous run of annual
reports for most of the companies up to the 1990s.

The companies and annual reports presented here are just a small part of
Foster Business Library annual reports collection that includes reports from
over 800 U.S. and international companies.


  1. Hello, I like this online collection of old annual reports. thanks. Would it be possible for you to add more reports ? Also ii would be far better if it was possible to read them as pdf file.
    Thanks ;)

    1. The collection is growing and more reports are being added as they are scanned by the UW Foster Business Library. They are not in PDF because they are scanned at full resolution and saved as TIFF for preservation purposes. Thanks for your interest.